Raffle winner

Well that’s it folks; the raffle’s over and the winners (Dominik Trajdos, Megan Dere, Alex Giroux, Marco Swifert, Sandro Sallins, Stefan Kruiswijk) should have received an email from me (if you haven’t let me know!!!) It thrills me to see that you were over 300 to enter, and from all over the world. Thanks for stopping by our website so often, and for supporting Summer’s career. We’re sorry for those who didn’t win. BUT we still have some autographs in stock, and will hold another raffle around Christmas Time!!! Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!

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Autograph raffle reminder

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter our Exclusive Raffle. We’re giving away six lovely pictures signed by Summer. The contest ends on the 31st August!!!

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Firefly Online: Your question for Summer

The creators of the new Firefly online game will do a short interview with Summer when she is coming to the studio to record her vo very soon. So thats your chance to ask her a question.

We need your questions for Summer Glau! We will be in studio with Summer very soon, and as has become our tradition, we will be recording a short interview with her after she’s done with VO. So what do you think? Got something you’d like to ask Summer? If possible, please keep your questions specific to Firefly, Serenity, the fandom or Firefly Online. Thanks!

Follow the link to their facebook page where you can post your question. If you don’t have a facebook account, you can post the question in the comments or send us a mail and we will post them for you.

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Summer doing the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Summer doing the ALS ice bucket challenge

You have probably heard of the so called ALS ice bucket challenge, where people pour a bucket with ice water over their heads. This action is for a good cause. The good cause is to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The challenge works like this. A person pours the bucket with ice water over his head and nominates 3 person to do the same within 24 hours. If you don’t do it, you are asked to donate money to the ALS foundation. Long story short. Joss Whedon nominated Summer in this video yesterday. Summer accepted the challenge. You can see this great video below. :) She also nominated Joss Friedman, Gina Torres and Laurence Fisburne.

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Summer Glau in the “Human Preservation Project” courtesy of johnsciulliphoto.com

New Candid Picture

A lovely candid image of Summer has been posted by @aszomanyi. Check out out below.

Summer posing with a fan

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Caps and Clips from the sixth episode ’All in’ of Sequestered

We end the weekend with the last episode ‘All in’ from the first half of this season of Sequestered. After Anna discovered the shocking truth about her sisters whereabouts and the reason for her absence, in the last episode, the odds are against her when the voting suddenly starts to change. Clearly under a lot of pressure, she is looking to find comfort in Ryan. Check out some caps and clips from this episode below.

Summer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in Sequestered

[Sequestered ‘All in’ caps]

The following clip of this episode shows a very emotional scene between Ryan and Anna. Check it out and head over to the video section for more.

[Sequestered ‘All in’ clips]

This was the last episode for now. We have to wait till October 14, when the rest of this season will be released on Crackle. So stay tuned.

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Caps and Clips from the fifth episode ’ What’s In The Box?’ of Sequestered

It’s weekend and time for a new episode of Sequestered. As the first half of this season comes to an end, the tension increases when Anna is desperately trying to find out who could be the mole. But that’s not all. unable to reach her sister at first, a shocking truth is revealed at the end of the episode…Hopefully all of you are able to watch the show. Caps and clips can be found below.

Summer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in Sequestered

[Sequestered ‘What’s In The Box?’ caps]

Below is a clip from this episode where Anna is finally able to talk to her sister after trying it so desperately for some time. But her fears come to reality when her sister reveals the truth about her absence.

[Sequestered ‘What’s In The Box’ clips]

Only one episode left for the fist half of this season. What do you guys think about the show so far?

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Caps and Clips from the fourth episode ‘1 more’ of Sequestered

Another day and another episode of Sequestered. This time its episode 4 ‘1 more’. Anna is getting suspicious on who is leaking votes to the outside world and pursues a lead. Meanwhile, more and more people vote for guilty…with the help of Anna who has changed her vote for a reason. Check out some of the caps below and follow the link to the gallery for more. Enjoy. :)

Summer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in SequesteredSummer as jury member Anna in Sequestered

[Sequestered ‘1 more’ caps]

Below is a clip from this episode where Anna is following one of the jury members to find out if she is leaking votes. You can find 3 more videos in the video section.

[Sequestered ‘1 more’ clips]

Just 2 episodes left. Tomorrow we’ll upload episode 5 ‘What’s In The Box?’.

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