Summer as Ravager in Arrow “City of Blood”.

Summer as Ravager in Episode 21 “City of Blood” of Arrow + Promo Video

Great news! Summer will be back in next weeks episode of Arrow titled “City of Blood”. This time you will see her in her villain costume as the Ravager. You can catch a glimpse of her in the promo video below at about about 0.11 min.

Summer as Ravager in ArrowSummer as Ravager in Arrow

The description for this episode is the following:

OLIVER CONSIDERS HIS OPTIONS AGAINST SLADE — After Slade (Manu Bennett) threatens to take everything Oliver (Stephen Amell) loves away, Oliver decides the fastest way to stop further bloodshed is to surrender to his enemy. Knowing that surrender will surely lead to Oliver’s death, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) go to extreme measures to keep Oliver from confronting Slade. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) considers leaving town, and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) resumes her crusade against Sebastian Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro). Finally, Slade unleashes his assault on Starling City. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Holly Harold (#221).

So you better don’t miss this episode. :) City of Blood will air next Wednesday, April 30th at 8/7 c on the CW.


2014 Birthday Messages

image Hey everyone, as you all know Summer will turn 33 on July 24… let’s all gather and wish her the best of Birthdays!!! Like every year: you are all welcome to leave her a message on this page (click on the comment button to add yours) and on the 24th July, I will email all your comments directly to Summer!


Dallas Comic Con Updates

imageThe Dallas Comic Con has managed to get the whole Firefly cast together. That means we will have a full Firefly reunion at this years convention. They also have updated their photo op prices and schedules. You can get a photo with the entire cast for $375. A photo with Summer is available for $50. The photo op times with the entire cast are Saturday at 3:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm. There is also a team up with Sean and Jewel in Saturday at 6:00 pm and Sunday at 4:30 pm. Currently a photo op schedule for Summer is not listed. Tickets can be bought here.


Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev in Arrow.

Arrow 2.19 The Man Under The Hood Promo Images With Summer

The CW has released a few more promo images from last nights episode of Arrow. Its a little bit too late. But better late than never. :) The new set of images also contain some with Summer. Check them out below.

Summer as Isabel Rochev in ArrowSummer as Isabel Rochev in ArrowSummer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow


Summer as Isabel Rochev in episode 19 “The Man under the Hood” of Arrow.

Arrow 2.19 The Man under the Hood – Caps & Clips

Another exciting episode of Arrow, that continued the quest for revenge of “team deathstroke”, just ended. We got great scenes with Summer that finally revealed more about Isabel Rochev’s background and connection to the Queen family. As always, we don’t want to spoiler the episode for you, but it went out with a bang and Summer’s performance as villain nailed it. She is really good playing bad. :) What did you think about tonights episode? Anyway, check out some of the caps from tonights episode below and head over to the gallery for more.

Summer as Isabel Rochev in ArrowSummer as Isabel Rochev in ArrowSummer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow

[The Man Under The Hood Caps]

Find a short clip from tonight below and more in the video section. Be warned, they contain spoilers.

[Arrow Clips]

We don’t know if Summer will be in the next episode of Arrow, but if you have read the last post (or seen the latest on set pictures) you know that she’ll be back. :)


Major Arrow Spoiler on Isabel Rochev

If you haven’t seen tonights episode you might want to skip this post because it contains major spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Arrow. (sort of) Summer Glau as Ravager If you have seen tonights episode of Arrow you might wonder if we see Summer again, because it ended tragic for her character…unless you have seen the latest on set photos that show Summer in her future villain costume. TV Guide did an interview with Arrow’s producer Andrew Kreisberg who talks about the development of Summer’s character Isabel Rochev from a board room-esque character into what is known as the Ravager.

Isabel is far from dead, however. In the closing moments of the episode, we learned that Slade gave her some of his blood so the miracle drug could save her — and make her practically invincible. “Now that she’s got the evil juice in her, as we call it in the writers’ room, she’s Ravager,” In the comics, the alter ego eventually belongs to Rose Wilson, Slade’s illegitimate daughter who he brainwashes into becoming his apprentice. However, Isabel is definitely not Rose Wilson, since the producers decided to go in a different direction. In fact, they originally had other plans for Ravager. “Isabel was the one thing we weren’t entirely sure about as we were developing the season,” Kreisberg says. “Truthfully, there was a very early iteration of the series where Sara [Caity Lotz] started the season as Ravager, and then we switched over.” Even after the role was envisioned for Glau, the producers initially planned to keep her board room-esque character quite tame compared to the tough-gal characters Glau played on Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. “When Summer took the part, I was up there on set with her and she’s like, ‘I’ve never done anything like this. I feel much better if I’m kicking somebody,’” Kreisberg says. “And I was like, ‘You’re so good, you should give yourself more credit. We wanted you because you’re a good actress and you’re amazing in this part, not because you can kick a—.’ Then I got to call her and go, ‘Hey, we changed our minds, you get to kick a—.’” “Part of the reason Isabel disappeared for a while is because we still weren’t quite sure which way to go, whether she should be an ally or a villain,” he continues. “We had written it so that it could turn out either way. The scene that I was picturing was Isabel, Slade and Sebastian [Kevin Alejandro] in Oliver’s office, the triumvirate of evil. Once that happened, there was no way she was not going to be Ravager.”